she's come undone
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you who don’t believe.

a desire for connection invades your being


connection to what?

for years this has remained

an unanswered question

lingering in the shadows

while you express it on

things, people - curiosities -


the wrong subject.

you bask in your own molded sunshine

your sin

but can’t retain that

sense of being whole.

the answer evades you

as it does to many

there is hope

if you so desire

hope for an

everlasting future.

look to the cross

the two operations.

one happened

Jesus accepted death at our hand,

drank the raw poison of our world

clothed Himself with us so that we

could become of Him

and it is finished.

the other, carries on

our ongoing sanctification

that daily, continuous crucifixion of our flesh.

could you?

you’d have to leave behind self-righteousness,

for acceptance of grace comes from

humbling oneself

and self-serving nature,

for fulfillment comes from

embracing His work and desires

instead of your own

view every walk of life

times of rejoicing

and those of trial

as gifts

you’ll gain perspective

you’ll see life, as it was meant to be seen.

hey you

you who don’t believe..

come and be free

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